Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MEANING 1 - Blog Exercise

Representational: This photo represents today's crisis in Syria. It shows the seriousness of their conditions and terror that the people go through. The use of a child in the photo furthers the plea for change. Seeing the life drained from the child's eyes is an effective way of reaching out to its viewer.
Abstract: Within this piece is a definitive simplicity that is developed from its foundation.Immediately, the first thought upon viewing this piece is fluid, liquid, and earthly. The abstract in this photo is derived from water. The colors and reflective qualities are that of shimmering in light, while the uneven streaks show movement.
Symbolism: The sign of a bat is notoriously symbolic to the super hero, Batman. It represents his calling to defend and protect and in the comic book world it is a sign of hope. In real life it is known as the symbol of a beloved character whose vigilantly as a normal human being appears feasible.

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