Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog Exercise: The Basic Elements

Shape: Shape is utilized here to draw and divide attention. The squares around the date are straight forward and get to the point. While the silhouettes forming triangles in the background are loose and organic, suggesting freedom and action. Squares are used once more at the bottom of the poster, again to provide information with the use of a working shape.  

Dot: The dot, blatantly used here, is a connecting shape. The number of dots, and its liquid nature has us unconsciously blending the form to create a picture in our mind. Composition of the dots also creates an deception of tone in the photo, which helps us create a photo. In this case, a portrait of a woman's face. Distance in relation to each dot can make the eye view an image more or less intensely. 

Line: Line is used commonly in photography, especially landscape photography. The directional nature of the line helps us create distance and breaks within a composition. In this photo, the lines of the bridge narrowing towards the center give the appearance of length and draw our eyes to the center. The direct horizon line in the center of the page breaks the photo and gives an endpoint. While the loose indecisive lines of the mountains are fluid and free.  

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