Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blog Exercise: Tone and Color

How Tone is Operating:
Cool tones are apparent throughout this ad. The soft sky and crisp blue ocean compliment the natural tones of the rocks, wood and sand. Contrasting the cool tones are the bold and warm tones from the Corona bottle. 

How Tone is Interacting: 
The tone of the ocean with its light and dark, create a movement. Specifically where the brightest of the whites meets the ground, and where the darkest tone creates folds in the sand. Also, the varying tones of the beer make it appear crisp and refreshing.  

How Color is Operating:
Colors in this ad act as focusing points. The textures of the wooden arm rest draw us in, and its line leads us to the bright and bold Corona bottle, creating a focal point. Presenting itself in front of subdued colors to standout. 

How Color is Interacting:
The colors are interacting with each other giving off a sense of relaxation. There is no static to distract us, and the soft colors put us in calm mind set. With the softness is the punch of color from the bottle, reminding us what the ad is for. 

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