Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Visual Thinking Research

Left: With this one, my friend guessed 18 triangles. She self-organized and started from the cat's tail and ascended the triangles as she counted. To stay organized she grouped the triangles and would outline each one to refrain from the noise of the others.

Right: My guess was 16 triangles. I began from the top with the ears and followed the hierarchy of the triangles. After counting the large triangles in the body, I moved on to the small ones inside the body and then to the tail.

Left: My friend used the theory of similarity and continuity to solve this puzzle. She started from the outside and multiplied her triangles by squares each time she saw a grouping.

Right: When solving this puzzle I used the simple route of counting by familiarity. I saw four squares and counted the amount of triangles in each square. I then worked outwards and counted the larger triangles surrounding the smaller ones.

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